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  • Underrated Short Film About Love?

    Underrated Short Film About Love?

    Q. What is the most underrated short film about love? A. It’s called ‘A Story for Tomorrow’, and it’s a wonderful journey of a couple who travel together.   Very inspiring – wouldn’t anyone love to do this…? And I can’t believe they’ve only done 5 minutes on this, it was clearly crying out for […]

  • The £5 Cardboard Bike Exists!

    The £5 Cardboard Bike Exists!

    THE ALFA is a name that will hopefully be making itself known in the next five years or so, if the all the goliath bike manufacturers support a little healthy competition from what is essentially an rather eco-friendly, sustainable and ludicrously cheap mode of transport. Made of mostly recycled materials and weighing just 20lbs, the Alfa is a belt-driven, […]