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  • What We Saw From The Cheap Seats (Ce que Nous Voyions Dans Les Sièges Bon-marché!)

    Curls-a-everwhere, a little too much blush and generally smiley all round: awww. Pretentious-Hipster-Girl who I didn’t like very much at college and didn’t like me, once said I looked like Regina Spektor. PHG was obviously annoying, didn’t smoke properly, and despite having obvious bingo wings claimed to only ever eat apples; but I still like […]

  • The Point of Perez Hilton (and to some extent, Paris)

    The Point of Perez Hilton (and to some extent, Paris)

    Not forgetting that he is the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of all Media‘ whose name isn’t actually Perez, or Hilton, but actually Mario Armando Lavandeira; he has managed to survive three non-stop showbiz-busy years as one of the most popular bloggers in the entire UNIVERSE. Yes, welcome to the critique long read all about Perez Hilton. PEREZ […]