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  • An Apology and A De-Censored Note

    I sent the below as an email to all the contributors of The Lost Generation campaign, which aimed to gain money to fund the editing and distribution of the film back in 2012. The film has since gained more money and a distribution deal from a formal film company, Safecracker Pictures UK. Some people who’ve […]

  • The New Pub-Cinema Takes on Media City

    The New Pub-Cinema Takes on Media City

    Historic pub, The Black Lion, home to Salford film studio Future Artists now houses its very on independent arts cinema. The pub’s function venue, the John Cooper Clarke Theatre, (christened after its patron and muse) is now home to a full HD cinema and 5.1 surround sound system setup. Since its re-birth in Novemeber 2011, […]

  • Manchester Businesses Back Salford “Movie”

    Manchester Businesses Back Salford “Movie”

    Editors Keys founder and MD Mark Brown has donated $1,000 to film studio Future Artists for their upcoming feature film, The Lost Generation, funding 25% of the film company’s investment project. The money raised will go towards an editing suite for the artists collective, Future Artists Co-op, the in-house studio of creatives who work together […]

  • New Manchester Film: THE LOST GENERATION

    New Manchester Film: THE LOST GENERATION

    When Julia and Winston are respectively liberated from Room 101 in George Orwell’s 1984, Julia admits that a basal self-preservation always overrules self-sacrifice, if the physical body is threatened with torture: “You think there’s no other way of saving yourself and you’re quite ready to save yourself that way. You want it to happen to […]

  • MANCHESTER INDIE FILM: Broken Britain (2009)

    MANCHESTER INDIE FILM: Broken Britain (2009)

    Filmmaker from Future Artists Mark Ashmore says he has never been in the military before, nor has he served in it – but he says that he can really understand it politically, which is why he made a film about UK soldiers returning home. Runtime: 16:08mins / Audio: Stereo /Starring: Aaron Rochford, Brian Hook, Danny […]

  • Short Film Review: The Actor’s Guide To Survival

    The Actor’s Guide To Survival Running time: 1 hour Audio: Stereo Starring: Jody Kamali, Vivian Taylor Director: Mark Ashmore ACTOR JODY KAMALI LOOKS at home on the stage, dishing out his best ironically-quasi-European accent as he recounts his character’s tale of waking up with a pretty Scandanavian lady. He’s got almost as many shows in […]