How you can save money in the 2021 recession

For many, 2020 meant stimulus cheques, furlough payments and government backed funding. These measures in the face of a contracted economy and collateral destruction (read: the end of the small and medium business) has allowed people, during the virus and subsequent governmental crisis, to merely subsist in what was and remains, in every technicality, the … Continue reading How you can save money in the 2021 recession

The World in 30 Minutes

I like writing lots to you, not a little – but for the first time ever, this is a perfectly justifiable Shortest Ever Post. Stephen Fry covers everything from: the joy of sharing, the essence of learning, the importance of heroes….to ethics, your teenage self and the politics of religion. IN JUST 35 MINUTES! Watch … Continue reading The World in 30 Minutes


Hello! As you may have noticed, and as the hit counter tells me (OMG!), there has been a lack of posts. And really I miss you too! I will be back though, posting as usual next week. In the meantime, there has been a new collaborative effort for the new issue of M+ Magazine. Following … Continue reading M+ ISSUE 1

Editor: Keeping My Weird Tweets for Posterity

@janemcconnell likes Twitter. If you learnsomething from any of these updates, the self-centrism of having a Twitter profile is (only just) justified….possibly. I just wanted to saved them anyway, please allow me to indulge A BIT. Channel 4: Where Zac Goldsmith realises he’s a t**t.6:14 PM Jul 27th via web s’pose it’s all down to a combination … Continue reading Editor: Keeping My Weird Tweets for Posterity