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  • How you can save money in the 2021 recession

    How you can save money in the 2021 recession

    For many, 2020 meant stimulus cheques, furlough payments and government backed funding. These measures in the face of a contracted economy and collateral destruction (read: the end of the small and medium business) has allowed people, during the virus and subsequent governmental crisis, to merely subsist in what was and remains, in every technicality, the…

  • Let’s talk about sustainable fashion, OK?

    Let’s talk about sustainable fashion, OK?

    Sustainable fashion isn’t going away. With consumers becoming increasingly aware of the damage they create in buying fast fashion products, people now want sustainable fashion to be regularly available and normal – not a quirky, ‘dirty hippy’ fashion choice that is so long has been bane to at least until the 2010s. According to McKinsey,…

  • How You Know No-One Reads Your Blog (And Mine)

    How You Know No-One Reads Your Blog (And Mine)

    How you know? Spam commenters. If you are employed to write spam on someone’s blog, especially mine, please fuck off. THIS IS HOW WE KNOW NO-ONE READS OUR BLOGS. IT’S REALLY ANNOYING! I ALREADY KNOW THIS! Look, yes SEO is important and can make or break the ads you’re hosting on your website while you’re desperately…

  • You must always be yourself

    You must always be yourself

    This inspired quote one comes form a Mr Will Smith. I think he must genuinely be the super chilled out, non-divaish celebrity. Even if it’s not a real quote (would love a fact check?) – it would definitely be prudent to take his advice (except for the Scientology!). You must always be yourself:

  • Don’t be afraid to fail

    Don’t be afraid to fail

    The phrase which is often thought to be coined by Rudyard Kipling is, in fact, one of a certain Mr Theodore Roosevelt, made during his speech ‘Citizenship in a Republic’. In a collected book of quotes that I left on a London bus one day (I know), this was the one that took up the…

  • The World in 30 Minutes

    The World in 30 Minutes

    I like writing lots to you, not a little – but for the first time ever, this is a perfectly justifiable Shortest Ever Post. Stephen Fry covers everything from: the joy of sharing, the essence of learning, the importance of heroes….to ethics, your teenage self and the politics of religion. IN JUST 35 MINUTES! Watch…

  • M+ ISSUE 1

    M+ ISSUE 1

    Hello! As you may have noticed, and as the hit counter tells me (OMG!), there has been a lack of posts. And really I miss you too! I will be back though, posting as usual next week. In the meantime, there has been a new collaborative effort for the new issue of M+ Magazine. Following…

  • Editor: Keeping My Weird Tweets for Posterity

    Editor: Keeping My Weird Tweets for Posterity

    @janemcconnell likes Twitter. If you learnsomething from any of these updates, the self-centrism of having a Twitter profile is (only just) justified….possibly. I just wanted to saved them anyway, please allow me to indulge A BIT. Channel 4: Where Zac Goldsmith realises he’s a t**t.6:14 PM Jul 27th via web s’pose it’s all down to a combination…