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  • ARRUGAS “Wrinkles” – a film by Ignacio Ferreras

    ARRUGAS “Wrinkles” – a film by Ignacio Ferreras

    New Directors Award at SAN SEBASTIAN, nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 2012 ANNIE Awards, 11 nomatinations (including one for the Best Animated Film) in 2012 Goya awards; longlisted for the Academy Awards. I’m lucky enough to be promoting and helping create the publicity for a great European feature film, called Arrugas (eng: Wrinkles). […]

  • New Manchester Film: THE LOST GENERATION

    New Manchester Film: THE LOST GENERATION

    When Julia and Winston are respectively liberated from Room 101 in George Orwell’s 1984, Julia admits that a basal self-preservation always overrules self-sacrifice, if the physical body is threatened with torture: “You think there’s no other way of saving yourself and you’re quite ready to save yourself that way. You want it to happen to […]

  • Paul Greengrass to direct Memphis?

    Paul Greengrass to direct Memphis?

    NEW YORK MAGAZINE has reported that Paul Greengrass is writing ‘Memphis’. It will be the biopic of Martin Luther King Jr.   Arguably an investigative journalist at heart, Greengrass’ research is apparently looking at the year in which Luther King Jr. was assassinated: 1968. There is as much conspiracy surrounding his assassination as there is […]

  • The Secret of Successful Crowdfunding for Film?

    The Secret of Successful Crowdfunding for Film?

    WE’RE STARTING TO GET a bit of a reputation for ourselves, aren’t we? British people, tea parties aside, will still find a smouldering calorie of energy hidden somewhere within our own Dickensian darkness to laugh at an American. It seemed a shame, then, that Slava Rubin, from crowdfunding film distributor and fundraising site Indie GoGo, […]

  • Justin Timberlake: Yes, He’s An Actor

    Justin Timberlake: Yes, He’s An Actor

    AMERICA’S GOLDEN BOY Mr Justin Timberlake put paid to any rumours that he is about to hit the studio to record any time soon. Timberlake is currently the cover of Entertainment Weekly, to coincide with the US release week of the box-office topping Facebook film, The Social Network. In the feature piece, he is evasive […]

  • Short Film Review: The Actor’s Guide To Survival

    The Actor’s Guide To Survival Running time: 1 hour Audio: Stereo Starring: Jody Kamali, Vivian Taylor Director: Mark Ashmore ACTOR JODY KAMALI LOOKS at home on the stage, dishing out his best ironically-quasi-European accent as he recounts his character’s tale of waking up with a pretty Scandanavian lady. He’s got almost as many shows in […]

  • Top 5 Action Films with Hot Babes (Extended Version)

    AS A female spectator, it gets irksome to watch your on-screen sister predictably fall for the hero of the day AGAIN instead of doing what the rest of us do: screwing up and winding up with the bad guy. Or see said leading lady get stabbed because she obviously had a lobotomy previous to the […]