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  • Jane’s Underrated (HOUSTON!) Short Film of the Month

    Jane’s Underrated (HOUSTON!) Short Film of the Month

    This is a film by Albert Gonzalez – not one of the most successful hackers in history, but Texan filmmaker who’s sure to be a star of drama film in the future. With over 250,000 hits, this kid has made a glorious, romantic bildungsroman – and something which far exceeds what’s expected as part of […]

  • Jane’s Underrated (COMICBOOK!) Short Film of the Month

    Jane’s Underrated (COMICBOOK!) Short Film of the Month

    This month, it’s not so much underrated as WHY ISN’T IT A TV SERIES? It’s the turn of Michael Ashton, YouTube demigod of the short film genre. His ‘Lazy Teenage Superheroes’ is a excellent clash of comicbook cinematography, action, deadpan comedy, parody, homage and follows naturally from the successes of the likes of Kick Ass […]

  • Underrated Short Film About Love?

    Underrated Short Film About Love?

    Q. What is the most underrated short film about love? A. It’s called ‘A Story for Tomorrow’, and it’s a wonderful journey of a couple who travel together.   Very inspiring – wouldn’t anyone love to do this…? And I can’t believe they’ve only done 5 minutes on this, it was clearly crying out for […]

  • Keep Your Feet On The Ground Documentaries

    Keep Your Feet On The Ground Documentaries

    THERE’S JUST 25 DAYS TO GO UNTIL THE 85th ACADEMY AWARDS, and all eyes are on Zero Dark Thirty, The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit (for missing out, mostly) and the surprising  underdog, Argo. The nominations and shortlists most people won’t be watching are the Documentary and Short Film makers, which is a real […]

  • Short Films About Robots

    Short Films About Robots

    Here’s a small, specially curated set of wonderful, unforgivably ignored short films about robots. Robots are as old as – well, clock mechanisms and religious statues that move on their own (I know, robots are that old! Research tells me things like nativity statues and monks that kiss crosses that you find in really old […]

  • A Short Film Called…CATZILLA!

    A Short Film Called…CATZILLA!

    I have the sweetest cat in the world, called Ricky. That is a loose link and actually, nothing to do with this film that I want to introduce to you. So, here’s a short film made by Platige and Benchmark, about what cats get up to when they are bored. A Short Film Called…CATZILLA!



    Martin Freeman is a wonderful actor, and adored in the UK. He’s like a part of the furniture; watching him on screen feels like home. He’s Tim from The Office, Arthur Dent, Ed Robinson, Ricky C in Ali G Indahouse (yeah!! Remember?!) and he was, of course, Declan in Shaun of the Dead. So imagine […]



    GGGGGRRRRRRROHL (sexy grr) has made a film…and a superband band!  As we all already knew, Dave Grohl can do anything. In the lead up to Sundance (which is coming back to the UK again; rejoice!), the announcement snuck it’s way into the back pages of the newspaper… …and the front page of every music magazine […]