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  • Wanna Supersize Your Coffee? Hmm…

    Wanna Supersize Your Coffee? Hmm…

    STARBUCKS HAVE OFFICIALLY introduced their Big Mac. World? Meet: Trenta. What is a Trenta? TRENTA, which translates as ‘thirty’ in Italian, stands stoutly at 916ml. Close to a litre, yes, but more crucially, this hefty beverage is 16ml larger than the maximum capacity an average stomach can hold – at rest. The National Post helpfully […]

  • Fredrik – the First Comedy Song Cover Star On YouTube?

    Fredrik – the First Comedy Song Cover Star On YouTube?

    HEY, YOU! FUNKY YOUNG THING! Were you brought up on cartoons as a kid? Are you an official member of Generation Y/ Net Generation or a Millennial (unofficially until someone actually defines it in the future, born between 1982 and 1995)? Yes you are? Okay well you need to know there’s this dude – OY, […]



    SELLING UP A £200,000 HOUSE FOR A ROUND-THE-WORLD JOURNEY on her Harley Davidson motorbike, Sue O’Grady, 62, is off on the road trip of a lifetime. This is essentially her retirement. How inspiring! Sue O’Grady: The Motorcycle Road Trip of a Lifetime Sue’s family are cautious about her plans. She told The Yorkshire Post: “They […]

  • Review of Withington, Manchester (Uncovered Magazine)

    Review of Withington, Manchester (Uncovered Magazine)

    WITHINGTON IS the cute village three miles south of the city centre, also known as “posh Fallowfield” and the village where you could end up if you fall asleep on the Magic Bus on the way home. The name of the village has Saxon origins: ‘Withy-ton’ , meaning ‘marshy town’ suggests the place may have […]

  • Ten Things Students Do Instead Of Revise In The 2000s

    Ten Things Students Do Instead Of Revise In The 2000s

    GRANTED, THE FOLLOWING list of “Ten Things Students Do Instead Of Revise” has not been compiled scientifically. Nor is it based on the universal experience of scholars. Although I do write from a good few years of experience which is enough for a blog. Like this one, Culturegloss! So, if you’re aged between 16 and […]

  • It’s Your Free 2009 Horoscope from Culturegloss!

    It’s Your Free 2009 Horoscope from Culturegloss!

    DESPITE THE ECONOMIC crisis and the credit crunch and the (please, just say it) recession keeping the skies fixedly grey for 2009, there are still plenty of reasons to feel at least a bit stoked about the year ahead. For example, Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 4 in the new year. This means easy-pickings […]