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  • Things You Might Not Know About Sir Richard Branson

    Things You Might Not Know About Sir Richard Branson

      In tribute of the man who peels his face off and becomes David Tennant: here are 5 little-known facts about Sir Richard Branson! (With thanks to Virgin Unite and Forbes.) Also, for the record: I would. Things you may not know about Arr’ Sir Richard (Branson!) Jane, who likes to think she’s the troublemaker […]

  • Is Print Media Really Dead?

    Is Print Media Really Dead?

    “News stands will look extremely different in 10 years time. Hopefully, I’ll still be writing for something on them,” he laughs, if not with a little fear, before hotfooting it back to his London desk. “PRINT IS DEAD!” Said Newsweek, Time, Jeff Gomez, George Brock, and others. More and more, the online world is home […]

  • The media wants you to pick between Kristen and Robert…

    The media wants you to pick between Kristen and Robert…

    Even for people who massively go out of their way to avoid all cultural ephemera that might be linked to Twilight, somehow it creeps into your loneliest moments, be they when eaves-reading someone’s Heat magazine on the commute, listening to a particular set of Paramore songs, or even just spotting a non-related “related” headline for […]

  • Make Music With Floppy Disks

    Make Music With Floppy Disks

    YES, WHAT YOU JUST SAW IS REAL. IF YOU WERE EVER to find transport with which to travel in a space-time continuum, the engine would (fingers crossed) sound like what is blatantly the disk drive equivalent of the Midmer Losh Pipe Organ. SolidSnake745 – gonna guess it’s a metal gear ref, guys – is the YouTuber […]

  • Q&A with Angie Thomas: Video Editor and Animator

    Q&A with Angie Thomas: Video Editor and Animator

    BEING A FREELANCE FILMMAKER, EDITOR AND ANIMATOR is way up there in dream jobs for Jane and her closest female friends (you know who y’are). Of course, confirmation bias a good blog post does not make. Neither does Yoda-like syntax, but then if I was Yoda, it would be a different story. Introducing a gorgeous […]

  • Short Films About Robots

    Short Films About Robots

    Here’s a small, specially curated set of wonderful, unforgivably ignored short films about robots. Robots are as old as – well, clock mechanisms and religious statues that move on their own (I know, robots are that old! Research tells me things like nativity statues and monks that kiss crosses that you find in really old […]

  • That’ll Learn Ya: Best Free Documentaries on the Internet

    Above all things, the internet is as close as humans get to creating the infinite. It is glorious. It is hideous. And it is the perfect mirror for our own imperfect minds: vast, largely unknown, its usage restricted by habits, sometimes by physical defects – and increasingly by a clampdown on civil liberty… …Yes. The internet […]



    The only blog post on the internet with Mick Hucknall and Poirot on the same page.