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Culturegloss is a mashed-up magazine and writing portfolio, written by, and for, the most hated generation on the planet: millennials.

Culturegloss started life as a blog and writing portfolio for Jane, a writer and editor from Manchester. Credits include: NBC, The Guardian, BBC, Disorder Magazine, Chimp Mag, and Manchester Gossip, among a whole bunch of others which, if listed, would make her sound like a smug overachiever who worked too much.

Culturegloss is a blog and magazine. It constitutes posted-up articles and bits of blogs from both paid work and unpaid work, that needed a place to crash.

(Hey, remember when interns didn’t get paid – and that was expected in the media industry? This blog is what happens when you let that happen).

Culturegloss grew tentacles as pieces were written weekly based on deadlines and commissions, or just by stealing away late at night based on some youthful infatuation with music / glossy shit / short films / pop / pop-culture / millennial ideas, topics and issues, from 2008 – 2015.

After hitting a high with a readership reaching 125,000 from 2013 – 2016, the mag took a hiatus here and a siesta there, before popping up again in the worst year ever, 2020.

Culturegloss is a magazine website which is here again, mostly as a portfolio, and for any whims of fancy and completely random scheduling that isn’t tied to editorial goals.

New pieces are either by Jane, or, are quietly posted under pseudonymous initials by other journalists who lean a certain way in their day job, and so require a non-judgemental outlet with an audience. Or, other writers will go ahead and simply be credited openly in their contributing piece, which you will see just below the headline, if this is indeed the case.

NOTE: articles are not to be read as total endorsements. Sometimes material is posted with which editorially we might not agree, but is given a voice nonetheless.

We do also continue to accept advertising enquiries.



Blog launches in a haze of wine and is named “Speech Marks,” further helping to establish a Twitter addiction problem. Jane becomes a news editor at her university newspaper and begins freelancing for numerous magazines.


A mix of long form pieces and syndicated content from paid gigs helps catapult the blog into 25,000+ readers.


Blog hits 100,000, then 125,000 readers for the first time.



Blog builds a readership in the thousands, even though it is completely random and really, just an intern’s blog that is embroiled in its own naiveté.



After a long pause from 2016, Culturegloss quietly re-launches for very ad-hoc publishing only – partly out of boredom, partly out of the renewed challenge posed in re-building an audience almost from scratch.

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