Women changing the world pt. 2: Farhana Yamin

Farhana Yamin is an internationally recognised environmental lawyer, activist, public speaker and author.

She’s a powerful force for good helping to change the way world leaders treat the environment, and was a key “kingmaker” in terms of policy when it came to the UN Paris Agreement. Currently, she sits on the board at Greenpeace.

She lives her life to the same principles as she believe in and fights for – and her latest wish is for people to take a look at sustainable fashion as part of their full-lifestyle stand to take against the polluting toxins produced by the destructive processes involved in fast fashion:

In the UK, we throw away a lot of clothes and are still addicted to retail through making ourselves feel good by buying cheap clothing, which is destroying the planet.

It causes all sorts of pollution and inhumane working practices in many countries. By all means buy underpants if you need them! But you don’t really need all those clothes. We need to bring the awareness of the world into your everyday lives.

Farhana Yamin, environmental lawyer and activist

Who is Farhana Yamin?


Cue the scoffing of 100,000 Guardian readers (!) ‘Who is Farhana Yamin?!’ they’ll whimper with strained exclamation, crying one elegant tear. HAVE you been living under a rock? If you have, even then you would probably know who Farhana Yamin is given her ground-breaking work as an environmental issues lawyer – with a little bit of civil disobedience here and there.

What is Farhana Yamin famous for?

Aside from a career in taking a stand against the damaging corporate forces of climate change: Farhana is most recently famed for glueing herself to the forecourt at Shell’s HQ in London, 2019, as part of Extinction Rebellion’s activism.

2019 was, without doubt, the year of Extinction Rebellion which by indirect relation, made 2019 the year of Farhana Yamin, too. It took 20 minutes to unglue this celebrated British lawyer from the walls of Shell. Pretty impressive stuff.

Is there anywhere I can hear from Farhana Yamin?

Lily Cole did a fantastic interview with Farhana Yamin and other guests whose priority and mission is the help protect the planet. Farhana featured a couple of years ago on Lily’s podcast “Who Cares Wins” (which is also the title of her book. Confusingly it’s not about social care or support work…but it details why caring about the world around you is generally a great thing. Anyway, its a decent day read to kickstart any motivation you might have for changing the world in your own way!). The podcast is full of optimism and hope, as well as a realistic appreciation of the issues we face in the early 21st century.

How to support causes like the ones Farhana helps:

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