Off/Stage – a new interactive zine dedicated to Black & Asian theatre

Off/Stage, is an exciting, brand new, interactive, online one-stop zine dedicated to Black & Asian theatre and culture – and it’s the only publication of its kind in the UK.

Tribe Arts, a major indie theatre and media collective based in the North of England, created this zine during the pandemic lockdown of 2020, filling a huge gap where Black & Asian theatre and culture simply isn’t covered in the depth or entirety that is deserved in the UK.

Issue 1 is already available, and patrons are encouraged to donate what they wish in order to access it online – a great way of mixing the demand from some theatregoers to expect free media content, and the audience that will typically pay for their content (which, as a publishers, is one of the myriad reasons why the theatre crowd are one not worth losing).

Off/Stage released a popular trailer for their zine here:

This interactive publication won a grant from Arts Council England to pursue its goal of being a ground-breaking digital publication which tracks not only Black & Asian theatre, but the culture around it.

Tribe Arts’ Off/Stage foudning team hosted a virtual press launch this week, and hosted an array of guests from the media and theatres scenes in the UK. They included:

  •  Lyn Gardner (Guardian, The Stage)
  • Anthony Gray (Fuel Theatre)
  • Amanda Huxtable (Eclipse Theatre)
  • Pravesh Kumar (Rifco Arts)
  • Sharon Watson (Northern School of Contemporary Dance)
  • Matthew Xia (Actors Touring Company)
  • Jatinder Verma

and more!

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