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The coolest heroes are self-made. Here are a few of them.

What is a self-made hero?

Self made heroes are the strong individuals who work against adversity and all of the odds stacked against them – outright defying them – to succeed without gift or inheritance from others. Today we look up to entrepreneurs as self-made heroes.


The coolest heroes are self-made.

Although maybe that term is old-school. Being self-made is one thing, but many people who srtike claws to claim for this title forget who’ve helped them a long the way (and the ones who’ve ditched them along the way). On the other hand, many ‘hero entrepreneurs’ are actually (and only) great at arbitrage, especially from the 2010s and beyond. To succinctly explain this arbitrage: they raise money in order to meet the next level of money. That’s not the same as something which is sustainable and sustains itself. Often, these arbitrage heroes are not ready to launch a business – just an idea.

Mind you, the world can truly be a hard and malevolent place. But that’s exactly why a self-made hero is all the more inspiring. Self-made heroes challenge norms, hustle, and make the world work for them, regardless of any any every situation thrown at them – including the lowest lows. Understanding that you have to meet these lows and highs with the same grace and power is everything in the face of these imposters. (Or… so said Rudyard Kipling).

Here are a few of them.


Steve Jobs

It’s always strange to read about the “ingratitude” of Steve Jobs. A visionary who was kicked off his own path before climbing back onto it, he had an incredibly humble upbringing. He went on to create one of the most powerful consumer computer hardware businesses in the world. He is the perfect proof that you can be strong regardless of what happens to you; as long as you’re doing things yours, to make things happen. And perhaps the progeny of Steve Jobs is our next fellow:

Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey is a hustler who refused to take no for an answer, time and time again. It takes some serious guts to do that. After a failed audio startup, he believed in his idea of connecting people and what’s they’re up to, in as close to real time as possible. Twitter went on to change the world. Somehow, he’s stayed cool, sharp, and down to earth.

Gary Vee

Gary Vee is an absolute lion. He has an enormous energy that inspires millions of people (just check out his YouTube channels – and all of his channels!) with almost diamond-clear clarity on what matters, what works, and the paradox of the fragility and discipline required in running a business.

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