Post rock hasn’t had it’s heyday yet – nor at all, really. Long, long songs that borrow from traditional and experimental rock genres which usually (but not always) have no vocals nor lyrics.

See, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

So even the act of being post-rock is an act of rebellion. That’s why it’s refreshing to hear about the very existence of Civil Service, a post-rock band from Manchester, UK.  

There are two EPs to pick from over on their Bandcamp.

One is called ‘David Lynch Mob / Guilty Mother’s Club’ which, as the title suggests, is the name of the two singles from this EP.

The other entitled ‘Wallenberg’ from way back in 2016, appears to be a song that is over 11 minutes long – and that is the entire EP! Nevertheless, a gem. This track takes on dark subject matter and allows something simultaneously ghostly and euphoric to emerge; a collage of quotes and shimmering guitar work building slowly to a crescendo that G!YBE, Public Service Broadcasting or Jimmy LaValle would surely be proud of.

The elegance of Civil Service here is quite an understatement – a band made up of five members manage to achieve a wall of sound that sounds like the work of a band many more in it.

We would hope to see them somewhere akin to Truck Festival or 2000 Trees in the future – and maybe one day we’ll see an album from this band. It would at least do their SEO for “Civil Service, the band“, a world of good.

Civil Service on Bandcamp

Civil Service on Facebook

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