Best 3 Free Tech Newsletters You Need To Subscribe To Now

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We simultaneously live in the age of information overload, and misinformation wealth.

Curating your sources has never been more important. If you’re interested in technology, how it affects wider geopolitical and human issues, and futurism, it can be hard to figure out what to read – a lot of blogs and magazines get caught up in the hype and never deliver any technology news that affects mere mortals. It’s great hearing about that new $1B unicorn valuation for a new IoT startup – but what relevance does the news have on your citizen’s right to privacy, for example?

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Or, how could an investment in one an agriculture oligopoly unravel the growth of a totally unrealted industry; and somehow change the way you drive your car? If you’re interested in these sort of things, check out these three newsletters which bring you closer to the connections between technology and the way the world is changing hugely every week.

Sifting the substance from the bulking agents, they will help you to scan for the best and most relevant tech news items and keep you up to speed – and ahead – of the rest.

Best 3 Free Tech Newsletters You Need To Subscribe To Now

Big Revolution by Martin SFP Bryant

Big Revolution is the newsletter from the copywriting and content agency, founded by major English tech journalist Martin SFP Bryant, who is best known for co-founding The Next Web.

Big Revolution’s newsletter for tech does all the hard reading so you don’t have to, and distils the major points of every day’s biggest tech stories into their points, along with one or two recommended long reads that are worth using up that first 10th of your lunch break for.

Check it all out here from Get Revue:

Exponential View by Azeem Azhar

Exponential View takes exactly that view in every update – takes one story or update in the technology world, and then applies it to a wider geopolitical, humanist, legal and even psychological contexts as they affect people at large as well as those directly involved in the story.

It’s a hugely popular newsletter which grew massively on the Substack platform, and then experienced another wave of gaining superfans on Twitter.

Check it out here on Substack:

Mobile Fix by Simon Andrews

Mobile Fix is something of cult status, moreso with most major marketing agencies but certainly so with the marketing teams as Snapchat, Google, Twitter and the likes. It covers campaigns, concepts, ideas and issues that straddle mobile technology and design ideas that fuel the big names and their marketing campaign nous.

Please be aware that the list is a bit lo-fi with it literally just being a Mailchimp archive page…

Check it all out at Mobile Fix:

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