Women changing the world pt. 3: Hannah Pixie Snowdon

Who is Hannah Pixie Snowdon?

Hannah Pixie Snowdon is a sustainable living activist, tattoo artist, fashion entrepreneur and tattoo lifestyle model from Doncaster, UK.

Since 2017, Hannah’s been on a nomadic mission to become a sustainable lifestyle activist and eco-advocate, having moved her main base to Nepal where her ongoing charity work is, while also travelling the world as a tattoo artist to raise money for her work.

Currently, Hannah Pixie Snowdon uses her businesses to directly fund community projects that benefit scores of people. She is helping to fundraise for and build a school and community centre called Samadhi Community Nepal, and you can donate to it monthly for a small fee to help build these centres for education.

Hannah Pixie Snowdon is helping to bring traditional, earth-based lifestyles and permaculture awareness to the masses, using her fame for good.

What is Hannah Pixie Snowdon famous for?

Hannah Pixie shot to fame in the early 2010s, and in her early 20s, as an independent female tattoo artist in the UK, as a tattoo model, and as a public advocate for mental health and animal rights.

Upon dating and then marrying Ollie Sykes, the frontman of pop-metal band, Bring Me The Horizon, Hannah’s public image was swept up massively in the fray of his fame and saw an explosion in her popularity on social media.

Naturally, having been previously betrothed to a rockstar meant that Hannah was always going to be subject to the darker side of fame at some point – and for the most part, that’s not a nice place to live in.

Especially so when obsessive fans, groupies and teenage hormones are added to the mix. Worse then, that Hannah had to make the excruciating and public decision to come out about her divorce after the pair had cheated on each other (although, evidently Ollie Sykes was vocal about being cheated on by Hannah, but forgot to tell the press that this all worked both ways: Ollie apparently had also cheated –and domestically abused– Hannah.)

Despite all this, Hannah continued to press on with her efforts to help build a life based on charity, permaculture and devotional-styled work.

Why do people attack Hannah Pixie Snowdon online?

Around the time of admitting to the divorce, Hannah’s Wikipedia entry detailing her tattoo work and former marriage was “mysteriously” deleted from Wikipedia.)

Sadly the online abuse of Hannah has not stopped, with hate speech and various malinformation videos being made about Hannah Pixie Snowdon being a fraud, which use social media posts from her Instagram profile taken out of context and often without the accompanying further details you’d be able to find at the source.

Online abuse in the form of malinformation and misinformation can often happen with public figures who invariably find themselves both as an activist figure and of the public interest, because they may stand for a cause or a number of causes that is not agreeable to all people.

Malinformation in the form of hate speech on YouTube

Drama, eh?

She’s done well to overcome it, ignore it and carry on helping to change the world.

Hannah Pixie Snowdon - Women changing the world

Check out Hannah Pixie’s work and causes:

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