the tigers of scotland scottish wildcat

The Tigers of Scotland in Radio Times’ official ‘Best Netflix Natural History Documentaries’ List

Breakout indie film and natural history documentary film ‘The Tigers of Scotland‘, which explores the plight of one of the most endangered creatures in the world – the Scottish Wildcat – has recently been featured as one of the Best Natural History Documentaries to Watch on Netflix.

You can see the full list of Radio Times’ recommended films, here:

the tigers of scotland scottish wildcat

Made by independent natural history filmmakers

The film, created by Wild Films, natural history filmmaker based in the UK, has reached a huge mass audience thanks to its licensing deal with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV and iTunes.

In addition, it also made it in the Mic list of Top 10 Netflix Nature Documentaries. This is super impressive given Mic’s huge US and business-based readership, and is a publication often looked at by film business executives and producers.

About the Scottish Wildcat

The Scottish Wildcat is believed to be so critically endangered, that many believe it might actually be extinct – because no-one has actually been able to find one (without trapping it and putting it into conservation captivity). Rough estimates believe there might just be around 30 left in the wild.

The Tigers of Scotland, narrated by Game of Thrones’ Iain Glen, is a gorgeous production which follows the territories and the history of the wildcat, along with the preservation and breeding efforts being made to save them from total extinction.

The film includes some stunning landscape scenery, animation and close ups of the eponymous tiger – a fierce, large feline which is clearly distinct from the average housecat. See more of this grand creature in the film’s trailer here:

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