Des Rocs is back with ‘Give Me The Night‘, another killer notch for this hipster on a mission to write relentlessly danceable blues rock for the 2020s. 

If you’ve been living under a rock (who can blame you); you’d be forgiven for thinking Des Rocs is part of the Cool France school of musicians that breaks English-speaking markets. No. Actually, this kid is Danny Rocco, one of the duo Secret Weapons – a recovering music lawyer, no less, according to Wikipedia

Quietly chucked onto YouTube and all socials on Thursday, Des Rocs wrote in the YouTube description an intention statment for the track ‘Give Me The Night’, which includes:

“it’s about living and breathing a lifelong passion for rock n roll that is deathless”

This latest Des Rocs single is dripping with somehow fuzzy yet clean guitar riffs, a thoroughly danceable beat and an unmistakabe hook for a chorus – he knows what is earworm worthy and isn’t afraid to show that off.

‘Give Me The Night’ carries the same signature of scuzz (by way of a quick Charleston dance in a New York basement) that’s made this rock and blues artist very well loved indeed.

The New Yorker spent 2019 supporting those loveable oddball bombast rockers, Muse, which basically means Des Rocs is stadium level, right?


Des Rocs on YouTube

Des Rocs on Instagram


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