Ferociously talented, JJ Rosa is a UK artist with unmatched talent and skill, based in London.

New single ‘Pandora’ is a souful, head-bopping, gorgeous celebration of falling completely head-over-heels for someone, and into the point of no return. It basically sounds like what would happen if you squeezed everything juicy out of the West Holts stage at Glastonbury. 

Pandora‘ is an R&B/Rock track (my god, she makes it work) that swaggers before leading you into a chorus which soars with a gospellic backdrop and a lush, deep bass through to the end. We very much enjoyed surfing in the Prince-like galaxy with this song. She commands the electric guitar like it’s one of her own limbs and the musicianship breaks through the speakers. 

JJ Rosa is succcesful – no doubt. Festival star, songwriter, producer in her own right; guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, pianist, drummer – and one of the most unbelievably soulful vocalists of her entire generation.

But it’s oversaid by her fans – yet it’s true, and no understatement – the lady is criminally underrated.

JJ Rosa was born to walk to planet with sell-out stadium tours and a session band to die for. For her to still not have this, really makes you wonder about the industry at large.

Gripping vocals; the stage presence of Kylie – while also serving you with seriously mind-melting electric guitar work. Surely it’s only a matter of time before JJ Rosa’s status as a VVIP is established?

JJ Rosa on YouTube

JJ Rosa on Instagram

JJ Rosa on Twitter

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