So yeah, we finally know Hideo Kojima’s game-epic, Death Stranding, is creepy. Also yeah, it makes sense for synthwave / dark electro infused Missio, to take centre stage within the game’s soundtrack with ‘Sing To Me’. And now it looks like they have discovered a whole new audience in the process.

Not that they needed a whole new audience. These guys are big, but now they are truly blowing up. Jump aboard: new single ‘Sing To Me’ is a siren call.

With nods to Purity Ring, Hurts and even shades of Interpol; the song doesn’t veer far from the fame found in bass-heavy The Dark The Weather // The Better The Man.

However it is sharper, bleaker, and somehow much, much poppier… if they keep this ‘tude up, 110-million-views strong MISSIO will be on the fast-track to super 1-Billion stardom and global festival headliner material.

Or, the game is too weird and the soundtrack doesn’t pique like it should.

Heh, time will tell.

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