Beans on Toast – The REAL Glastonbury Fave

Beans On Toast Folk Politics

Beans On Toast Folk Politics

Beans On Toast might be the name of your favourite breakfast. Look chump, I said it might be. So Beans On Toast is the stage name of my favourite political folk singer, mostly because he’s the only guy who can get away with saying Fuck You Nashville in an explicitly entertaining way. Frank Turner could *could* also say it, but I feel he’d just apologise profusely for it afterwards. Eurgh. Yeah, naturally Billy Bragg can say it but also wouldn’t say it either, because Radio 4 would be pretty pissed if he did. Joe Strummer totally would’ve…

So thank goodness Beans On Toast can tell it like it is:

Like a breath of honest, fresh air:

I watched Beans On Toast for the first time at my first Glastonbury in 2010, and always thought that his real name, Jay McAllister, definitely isn’t as memorable a name as Beans On Toast, so like, he’s knows what he’s doing. Wikipedia also says he does: he’s been at every Glasto since he opened for the 2007 festival.

As someone said in the crowd, watching on and swaying gently (although, not in time to the music – this happens at Glastonbury):

Beans on Toast UK! He’s the only guy who can get away with this!

I’m still not sure what that sentence was supposed to mean.

But back to the Wiki, whoever wrote his bio doesn’t know what they’re doing, because they forgot about that year he did Kendal Calling instead and wrote a song asking why couldn’t he get a gig at Glastonbury in 2013:

(Don’t worry kids, Beans on Toast got a gig in 2014).

His latest album, The Grand Scheme of Things, is both heart-warmingly funny and socially profound; it’s exactly the kind of soul food you need in these dark times shaped by austerity as a ‘solution’.

TGSOT is still out on Xtra Mile Recordings and the Vinyl version was released earlier this year. Check it:


As if you needed more previews: enjoy a small selection of the cornucopia of Beans On Toast out there while we still have a little light in the world.

A nice couple of classics here:

Hell, this is YouTube, why not  even treat yourself to a full BOT gig?:

Thanks, YouTube.

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