Videogame ‘Beyond Flesh and Blood’ gets gory for Christmas

MANCHESTER 2281, UK: The dystopian shooter storyworld of indie game Beyond Flesh and Blood is to undergo a quaint, Christmas transformation. Even the city’s residents [read: rebels, mechs, troopers] have taken to wearing Santa hats.

beyond flesh and blood

RIGHT IN THE FACE. Oh wait…THE SNOWBALLS ARE DEADLY! THE CANDY CANES ARE WAY TOO BIG! THE PRESENTS EXPLODE IN YOUR FACE! Christmas just isn’t festive unless you can run around in cybernetic android suits while smashing the absolute s*** out of your enemies. Right??? Still located within the celebrated city-centre setting of Manchester, pre-alpha demo version 0.04 or rather, demo version 0.0XMAS, is available to download from the following outlets:

There are a few Christmas themed videos released for the game’s ‘5 Days of Fleshmas’ from Saturday 20th to 25th December.

Like here:

And here:

Fed up of the Christmas sales? Did someone beat you to that generic silver bracelet for the missus? Don’t worry.  Pixelbomb Games must have created the new CHRISTMAS DEMO MODE for Beyond Flesh and Blood as a means of christmas-shopper catharsis…Understandably, the co-lead developers have rather varying views on this demo.

Lee Blacklock, co-lead developer, said: “My favourite parts are the physics applied to the santa hat, and the fiery explosions which have been replaced with snowflakes.”

Philip Muwanga, co-lead developer said: “Bah, humbug.”

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