Retro Magazine for Games Smashes Kickstarter Goal

RETRO Kickstarter

Who says Print is Dead?

Although, I did say print isn’t dead, but it would become patronage

Anyway, always nice when Kickstarter can keep the dream alive, there’s been far too much press lately about Kickstarter not ‘doing enough’ for artists. Really now…I though it was about the people with the extra dollars…

So, videogame print magazine, RETRO has surpassed its latest Kickstarter fundraising goal of $20,000.

Retro gaming magazine smashes Kickstarter goal

It is currently tracking at 215% of goal heading towards $43,000 in the final week of the campaign.  RETRO is using Kickstarter to help bolster subscription numbers going into its second year, while also helping to increase the page count of the magazine. It’s always very beautifully designed, as you can see here:



According to RETRO’s Publisher, Mike Kennedy, “We really want to deliver more content to our readers within each issue.  This will be in the form of more pages, collectible art stickers and surprise pull-out poster inserts.”  He continues by saying, “Magazines have been an integral part of the gaming pastime since the first gaming magazine in 1981, Electronic Games.  We want to carry on this tradition of providing a fun and entertaining gaming magazine that people can collect in this digital age.”
To find out more information about RETRO Videogame Magazine or to subscribe, visit the official website at  View RETRO’s Kickstarter campaign at:

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