Short Films of the Month

Enjoy this batch of our reviews in the short film world. Here is: Short Films of the Month.

1. Kyla La Grange – Cut Your Teeth

Been obsessed with this song for months. My friend James put me onto Kyla as pretty much her number 1 fan and I was like, yeah Jamie: I bloody well love moody solo blonde alt singers. (Lykke Li, Robyn, Noosa, Goldfrapp, Florrie etc). I especially love the dark-filming with dancing and neon paints used much more sensually than you’d expect from a music video to represent nightlife escapism. Awwweeesome.

2. The Silly Bastard Next To The Bed by Scot Calonico

Multi-award winning JFK inspired short. Let the shiny award trophies do the preview work for you.

3. Copycat by Jonathan Romo

Obscure number from the Tubes of You. Takes its cue from the typical emo movie from years gone by but adds a little more diversity. Excuse the DIY sound but the colours and edits are really high-value and make up for what’s lost elsewhere. Put this director with some longer scripts where the potential is bigger and I think there’d be some very interesting things going on in the future for this filmmaker.

Friends over at the Three Minute Theatre have got me into microshorts recently, which is a wonderfully intricate and delicate, perfectionist format. If you already have a short attention span and can barely make it through tweeting, I guarantee this will help you on your path to start making it count longer again!

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