New concept art from Pixelbomb Games revealed iconic Manchester Building

The building is immediately prevalent no matter where you are in Manchester – it’s a glittering shard in the distance that presides over the traditionally industrial, democratic city. The team at Pixelbomb Games felt that in a dystopian Manchester, the building needed to stand up and survive the apocalypse, as it is so iconic.

Beyond Flesh and Blood is a game set in Manchester UK, from the groundbreaking independent videogames studio Pixelbomb Games. They’ve recently  released new artwork revealing new levels, which make use of the most iconic building in the city: Beetham Tower.

Hilton UGR Base

Art Lead Steve DeSykes created the concept art (above) and in-game paintwork, alongside support from senior level designer Seb McBride, who measured the building as best from sourced photographs as “it was easy to discover the height of the tower but surprisingly there was little cohesive reference readily available to width and depth!”; as well as artwork from award-winning CG artist, Keiran McKay.

Pixelbomb Games is preparing to launch the demo of the full video game at PlayExpo in Manchester from October 11th-12th, before going on global release on the game’s website.

Beyond Flesh and Blood will be looking for as many people as possible to play the pre-alpha demo retrieve feedback for bug fixes – and architectural opinion of the game’s construct.

The demo of game the launches to the public THIS SATURDAY online, and at PlayExpo in Trafford, Manchester to 10,000 people.

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Company BackgroundPixelbomb Games is an independent collective of interactive entertainment developers, established in 2011. The boutique Manchester studio comprises an exciting team of young, talented developers – some of whom are fresh out of local Universities working on their first title.

Team leads, Philip Muwanga and Lee Blacklock, have worked in the industry for over 10 years in testing, full design and coding, helping develop various household titles from Indie to AAA.

The studios debut title BEYOND FLESH AND BLOOD is set for release 2015 on PC, with XBOX One and Playstation 4 releases planned thereafter.

For more information, visit:

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