Band Review: Wall Market Racketeers, KRAAK Gallery


“They sound like The Mars Volta’s softer stuff, you know?” said my new Irish friend Ryan after checking out their first release on this VCR POP 4-split EP.

“I like it.”

While recording at the home of lead-vocalist Alex Coates, guitarist/pianist Ben Bulow (and for the cause of honest journalism, Alex’s kinda glam but always ready-for-the-gig and reviews girlfriend, me); Wall Market Racketeers have honed a decent set of live indie songs infused with a post-rock sensibility.  Wall Market Racketeers, including James ‘Pendulum’ Wilkes on bass and Jack Simpson on guitar/lapsteel have barely been on the scene for a month AND YET in this time, they’ve already built a 40-minute set and assuredly, an album’s worth of material. Boom.

The third band at a showcase gig always have large shoes to fill. There’s an expectation at venues: it’ll be sufficiently filled for the top-billed band and the ones that arrive for the penultimate act are usually waiting for someone else.

Nevertheless, as you’d expect, they rocked it. Checkout gig highlight, RESIST by WMR.

And their split EP on VCR Pop Tapes: http://vcrpop.bandcamp.com/


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