Happy April. You’re only a fool if you’re watching short films for the wrong reasons. (Hopefully that provoked the response: how can you watch short films for the wrong reasons?)

Here’s April’s roundup:

1.LEAP, Dan Gaud (2010)

Fringe-esque short film joy with some creepy looking Voldemort things in, AKA: parallel-universal travel for the WIN! Production values of a movie worth 170 minutes, never mind just SEVEN.

2. WE ARE ALL MAD HERE, Bruno Miotto (2014)

I’m such a slut for Alice in Wonderland references. And etymology. And Nick Fouquet. This film combines all three.

And for an AiW adaptation, it doesn’t go anywhere near all the psycho stuff. Except for the entire concept of the Mad Hatter.

Enjoy. It’s one of the best fashion adverts out there right now.

3. THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED, Bruno Miotto (2012)

Alright alright, lazy pick. But it’s inspiring as a set piece of 25 minutes – and while it looks slick, it also looks accessible to the rest of us. The entire project reimagines the life of Buddy Holly and his inner circle, right up to the end. Look at the opening credits too – BEAUTIFUL.

4.  DUSK, Yoshiya Okoyama (2013)

A texture film, but gorgeous in its whole as an aesthetic-only piece. The CG is brilliant. I want to see this studio make music videos in the future. For Sigur Ros.

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