Was Leo Robbed During the 2014 Oscars? Well…

Hearts broke all over the world.

we were rooting for leo

Poor Leonardo DiCaprio. Well, not that he is *poor*; Leo DiCaprio is incredibly rich by most standards, but, in an awful twist of fate: the internet memes which preceded last night’s result came horribly true.

disappointed leonardo dicaprio

Kids, if you’re in the UK and just waking up to read this, Leonardo DiCaprio did not get his Oscar this year. We didn’t get rewarded for the deep-vein thrombosis after sitting through The Wolf of Wall Street. We didn’t get to hear what his acceptance speech would be like. Or see him cry like Gwynnie (though we hope not).

It’s been 20 years since he was nominated for an Academy Award and like millions, it’s time to rant that once again that the class-act gets ignored…. and has to blink back those tears…hug the other guy…get completely hammered/go for a run/go run over a puppy/bang a supermodel/something.  Oh and other kids, if you’ve been gap yah-ing or living in a cave these past few months, Leo Dicaprio was nominated for his completely lifelike, absorbing, involved, convincing and perfectly Machiavellian portrayal of the ultimate Wall-Street crook Jordan Belfort in Martin Scorsese’s adaptation The Wolf of Wall Street.

Many hoped the 39-year-old actor would finally get his first-ever; with a whole generation having grown up with his screen work. However, Matthew McConaughey, as rumoured and predictably as the Comeback Queen this year was the frontrunner in January for the Best Actor Oscar, winning the right to take the perdy little statue fella home.

As with any unspoken anger amongst the masses, Twitter was aflame with what was not only perceived as a slight, but a genuinely devious mistake with almost nobody from le grand public sparing any of the 140 characters – or Matthew McConaughey’s feelings.

Except this woman, who was needlessly diplomatic about how she really felt about this: (NB: post-Oscars reaction is a zone in which where you’re ALLOWED TO SAY WHAT YOU’RE REALLY THINKING).

Shush Mindy.

The Wolf of Wall Street, even though worldwide box office figures suggest it was a rip-roaring success – and, let’s face it, those are the only views which matter at the end of the world – it actually divides film critics. Rotten Tomoates says 77%…

…But, as you may read from other commentators in the embedded links of this paragraph, some see the film as a significant social commentary as opposed to the explication of its protagonist from all angles, with Leo as merely the vehicle for it. Others, meanwhile, believe it to be Scorsese’s Goodfellas Extreme 2.0 while another faction staunchly standby the not-so-subtle yet hugely entertaining quality which all cast and crew bring to what is ultimately very dark, very depressing and indirectly affects all of us.

Anyway, the kickback began almost immediately after the Oscar for the Best Actor in a Leading Role was announced.

My own Facebook reaction was this:

And the nominees are:
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCpario
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

The winner is:

GARRRHHHHHHH #postOscarviewingrage 

More pertinently, the Batman had some wise words for Leo:

Some people included some crazy-ass 90s collage work with their tweets:

Or, despite witty Twitpics, have crazy-ass but obviously photoshopped profile images –

Some were just crazy-ass drama goons:

And some were quite cruel with their chin-up humour.

Then again, these people hit the nail on the goddamn head.

leonardo inception meme

Nevertheless, it really was Pavni that summed up how the rest of the world outside of the Academy felt about Leonardo DiCaprio not getting an Oscar:

And maybe this guy:

And this guy:

And this guy.

Cue Meme.

leonardo di caprio meme

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  1. V

    I’m starting to take this personally. He’s been nominated for an award in almost every movie he’s made in his career, not all Oscar nominations and believe me, not all his movies were Oscar worthy (*cough* Shutter Island). But come on, how could he not have one by now?

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