Short Film Reviews – for March 2014

March, March, March.What ‘ave you? Well actually, you consist of: St Patrick’s Day, St’ David’s Day (not nearly enough drinking for that one) UK Mother’s Day, Crufts – it’s the month of waking up, many of us attempting New Years’ Resolutions all over again, dieting – etcetera.

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In the film world, production is in full flow and we’re all pre-Cannes post-Berlinale and awards season.*

In the world of short film: people are prepping for next year’s Sundance, the Kino movement across the world, SXSW, and for many of us, we’re gearing for the big corporate competitions (MoFilm, Volkswagen and the ilk). Here’s a slice of 3 inspiring short films to get you ready for spring. Roll film:

1.  SHIT Mancunian Mums Say (Part 1), MARL MASSETT, 2013

I wish I’d have seen this earlier. So refreshingly honest and we all know, honesty is the best comedy. Once, at work, I was trying to illustrate a point about how important drama and in particular, soap dramas are to the majority of people in Manchester, and this guy didn’t believe me; he was all like “ohh no up North you’re all about football and pies.”

The temptation to verbally tear this person a new one for their regional prejudice was beyond measure. But basically, I called him out on all ITV dramas, typical audience splits according to BARB, and how you’ll genuinely find a lot of dual loyalty for Eastenders and Corrie “up North”.

2. MAJORITE OPPRIMEE, un film d’Eléonore Pourriat (2010)

‘Oppressed Majority’ – all about modern-day sexism: it’s simply genius. Someone finally made this film!

3. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire by SPIKE JONZE (2010)

Still one of my favourite music videos of all time. Gorgeous and yet horrifically dark , with the hazy sparkly shimmer Jonze’s direction seems to add to everything…not unlike his ex, Sofia Coppola. (read on)

4. Lick The Star, SOFIA COPPOLA (1998)

A 15 minute rendition of classic filmmaking from the hottest member of the Coppola family. Made on – you guessed it – 16mm. I would say share this around for posterity and the sake of humanity but… my fear it it may get taken down for copyright soon.

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