Hidden Gems of the UK: OXFAM ORIGINALS

oxfam originals manchester

Tucked away between the muso-makkah Piccadilly Records; Wood, Carhartt and opposite some of the city’s hippest cafes: Night & Day, Fig & Sparrow and Pop.

“Forget Market Street, visit Oldham Street (and the rest of the Northern Quarter) instead! Much more interesting and exciting.” Ah, Trip Advisor reviews – so true. Oldham Street is where you need to be if you want to find high-street and high-end stuff for less dollar. Or if you want a tattoo by some of the most revered artists in the region.

Oxfam Originals is the last one of its kind, and of course, it’s in Manchester, UK.

Of course, it’s amazing what you can find in Northern Quarter generally – which all Mancunians have known for years and years and its freshest emigre will always have the enviable pleasure of discovering for themselves. 1st run Radiohead vinyl, old white-label; Northern Soul, Smiths T-Shirts, custom jewellery, carefully crafted coffees and (probably) over 100 types of tea in the entire 3-mile-squared area.

oxfam originals manchester

Oxfam Originals is a TROVE of treasure! Woollen blazers, loads of kilts… 50s lingerie and gloves, 70s dresses, men’s designer suits – all pre-loved and reasonable and while it’s considered ‘expensive’ for a charity shop: you’re paying for high-end gear. It’s not unusual to see brand new Gucci, Karen Millen, Whistles, Fred Perry and amazingly well-kept Adidas from the 80s.

The items that come in each week are incredible. Within a week I’ve learned how all of it is hand-picked for quality, labels and particularly, when they are of high-couture or historical interest. (Yes: I have seen a nearly-new yet vintage Yves Saint Laurent blazer retailing for £30. Ridiculous.)

This selection process means real vintage – as much as the remakes and the high street will continue to improve the cut and fit; expanding hem according to waistlines: there’s nothing quite like finding a genuine 60s swing dress complete with huge bell-bottomed sleeves for a third of a new dress on the high street of similar quality.

In the winter, Oxfam Originals is a jumper-hunter’s paradise; the guys and girls rolling in, checking jumpers from each section regardless of its labelled gender; which is wonderful.

oxfam originals barbour

Don’t miss it.

Keep an eye on trends and shop accordingly!

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