Short Films For February

February: the last month of winter, the first month of getting back into the swing of things at the office …c’mon, you KNOW what I’m talking about… and of course, it’s the month of commercial Valentine’s love and interesting FA cup line-ups.

There’s lots of good things in February. Production begins for the year’s surprise Christmas releases in Big Cinema and, in the short film territory; the gold-type awards are over and it’s just three months until Cannes!

Kick back and enjoy my pick of the internet’s spoils in that most underrated of genres; the Short Film.

1. Beauty and the Beat by Todrick Hall (2013)

From the ‘Tube genius who then brought us Mean Gurlz, Cinderfella and The Hungry Games, this director takes on parody, comedy, the Musical and some serious indie talent together in a hilarious mashup that aims to rid the straight white bias in the world’s most loved pop films.

Here’s the one that’s said to have started the 2-million-plus views in just a year for Hall and his crew & cast. 2014 needs to be the year he gets asked to direct Glee.

2. The Cathedral of Waste (Devin Gharakhanian, Woodbury University – School of Architecture, BArch Thesis, 2014)

An incredible concept, set in the Mojave Desert in 2032. Because it’s explained better on Vimeo than I could; here it is:

“The Cathedral of untapped resource is an urban prototype that targets modern waste streams. Each prototype responds to that specific city’s supply of retired products. This scenario recycles and repurposes a collection of inactive aircrafts sprawled across the Mojave Desert.

“Driven by a spatial narrative, this dense network of machines, majestic and noisy, are stationed upon the western edge of California City’s airport. The organisation is based on three primary zones – Crippler, Regenerator, and the Cathedral – creating an experience beneath a network of undulating machines.”

3.  IRON MANC (Ben Mottershead, 2013)

A veritable contribution to Filmonik – Manchester’s short film night and cabaret. Iron Man is a mini-mockumentary at the perfect length for its subject matter, reflecting on regional types and flawed bravado. The Phil Nuttall character is scaringly convincing – and if you’re about Manchester a lot, you’ll probably know someone just like him.

4. The Conservation Volunteers (Sponsored Video, 2014)

In as much as I despise Northern Rail, usually, for making me late/replacement buses not turning up/having tickets snatched from me by overeager inspectors; it’s nice to actually see people attached to the business doing some good for the world.

Like I say – not a short film that’s artful in the way I usually mean, but more of a thing to help keep your views balanced…at least, if you’re anything like me when it comes to those who administer the UK’s rail services these days…

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