Happy 2014! Start Your Year With These Short Films

Good Morning! It’s a new year! A clean start! Wake up! Brush your teeth, have a fresh cuppa!

There’s nothing like that first gulp of air when you wake up on the 1st January, hungover or not.

…Because it’s the time of year where we all begin with good intentions, get healthy, make ourselves all good and new again, treat each other kindly, embrace what we’ve had and even more, what could happen; we’ve taken stock and decided that this year is going to be the Best One Yet. Whether it pans out that way or not, well: we don’t know yet, but simply running through life like this on all pistons firing, if just for one day – is wonderful.

And so, in the spirit of all things fresh and inspiring, and what this blog is aaallllll about: here are some inspiring short films to get you on your way.

Short Film: Ainda dá Tempo (There is still time)

Dir. Cleber Leal de Almeida (2013, Colisão Filmes – colisaofilmes.com/)

A beautiful Spanish film about changing the way we see the world – for the better – and this film succeeds in changing yours, too.


Short Film: Elidi

Dir. Sheree Evelina (2013, Mad Artist Publishing)

Just over a minute of gorgeously animated random-act-of-kindness. Let it be the theme to the first day of your year!


Short Film: Kevin Curtis Is A Dead Man

Dir. Kevin Curtis (2011)

This is hilarious – if you’re looking for the whole set of typical British Gangster Film Tropes. Maybe not 2014 but it is from 2011, and I’ve posted it before AND it’s not so obviously inspiring… but then, that would be totally missing the point! Comedy in a world where the genre can feel static and formula – it’s about time the film industry poked fun at itself, especially the arts scene (at least on the Gangsta film end of the spectrum).

The point is, don’t be stuck to type. Make 2014 the year where you blow the archetype away – and everyone else’s expectations of you. Do something you’ve never done before! Explore something that you think you hate or aren’t good at – you might find that you surprise yourself. Or you could even subscribe to Amazon Prime Video Channels and get access to Curiosity Stream, Gaia and more by starting a free trial today!

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