The Most Underrated Christmas Short Film, Ever?

Warm, fuzzy, lovely.

Nothing gets you in the mood for Christmas like a good Christmas film. A lot of us are inclined to believe that the real meaning of Christmas is actually… the collective joy of MOVIES.

It’s the one time people truly sit down together to do nothing *except* watch a film. Even film critics. They have that f*cking day off, I can tell you.

SHORT FILM: Deep & Crisp & Even (by Brett Foraker)

Also, here’s a short film like no other: a true story played out by real people, not actors.

It’s actually  a documentary and a drama where we have no expectations, made with a crew just like a ‘real’ film, changes someone’s life like a real film – and…well… just watch it and I challenge you not to feel a little nerdy tear come to your eye.

SHORT FILM: MEME PROPOSAL (by Crazy Monkey Studio)

(but actually Tim and his sheer guts at proposing this way)

If that’s a bit too lovey-dovey for you, then check out this bro-love one I wanted to share with you for the season, based on the Nightmare Before Christmas song…. 🙂

SHORT FILM: WHAT’S THIS? A BEER? (by Stephen Sotor)

No go and watch some films! ‘Cause, what the hell is Boxing Day if you’re not slumped in front of a screen, filled with roast potatoes? NOTHING, that’s what.

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