The Most Underrated Alien Short Film, Ever

You’ve found it! This is the short film which District 9, produced by Peter Jackson, is based on.

Not a lot of people know this – and it’ll sore you extra points in your next quiz, for sure.

If you’ve seen District 9, then you’ll recognise this straight away. It’s the same chap’s film after all. What some of you might not’ve known is that Neil Blomkamp did not make District first.

He made a science fiction short released in 2006 called Alive in Joburg -which only the sickest and most twisted among us in the short film world knew about of course… and then expected nothing more of it, even though you secretly wished it would get picked up sharpish, and become a feature.

Decent alien films are hard to come by. We either have to wait for Ridley Scott for like, absolutely ages, or make do with marathons of The X Files.

Then, just when you thought that was it, a certain bloke from New Zealand rocked up with a fucktonne of money and said what we all wanted him to say: MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Here’s the short film with a surprisingly not-as-high-as-I-thought-there’d-be views on Vimeo, which inspired Peter Jackson to exec produce it.

Alive in Joburg by Neil Blomkamp

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