Foreign Talks: Weird Band Name, Awesome Album

Expunged Records have a good’un on their hands. They’re like a mini, folky Blink 182. The Portland (Oregon, US) -based band Foreign Talks seem to be fostering support alongside their labelmates Blind Pilot – a sweet guitar effort which lends kind ears an interesting take on both post rock and folk.

The only difference is that Foreign Talks are, aside from the weird-ass name (c’mon, did you all want to work in international relations or something? Is it a statement on the idea of something ‘foreign’? Anyway…)  they’re completely awesome and remarkably young, despite sounding completely-not naive on record (take note, Bastille!).

At the ripe old ages of 17 (Madison), 18 (Marcus) and 19 (Kevin and Tanner), Foreign Talks deliver a mature sound, and a sophistication well beyond their years. While Bombay Bicycle Club and Saddle Creek’s The Mynabirds come to mind, there’s still that scent of ambition that sometimes gets produced out of new music. It’s nice to hear it again. They’ve already been described as ‘the band you wish you formed in high school’. The guys have pretty much only just left the place.

So here we are. A four-piece made up of the following lovelies:

Bros Marcus Fischer (lead vocals, guitar, bass) and Madison Fischer (lead vocals, percussion, keyboards) plus friends Tanner Steinmetz (guitar, bass, backing vocals) and Kevin Downes (guitar, backing vocals, percussion).

foreign talks

And they met in the coolest way – jamming at a local music store in LA. After writing their first song together within their first jam – that was it: they’d made their own musical history; and it all starts from there. After creating a back catalogue of songs, the scout they needed found a home video of them playing. Just as doors were knocking, Expunged Records, a local label, stepped right in and signed them there and then.


The self-titled debut has already hit stores, but look out for it in some the US press’ Best-Of lists at the end of the year. I guarantee you’ll spot it.

Listen here: http://www.reverbnation.com/foreigntalks

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