Underrated, business-themed short film?

Everdream Pictures of short film EXPO fame have come back with a 20-minute whopper ‘Ten Thousand Hours’.

This new indie film company seems to have a habit of making films that are ridiculously relevant to our era – and this film’s about an architect pitching a new building for a bank.

While it sounds boring just that premise, there’s an incredibly unnerving tension built around the money involved, ideas and getting everything right. These tensions seems to increasingly permeate each part of the story arc in the film. There’s also this spooky exchange of jargon contrasted against the warmth of the architect’s personal life and his promises to construct a home for him and his partner – and how it all culminates in a huge betrayal of trust. Great casting, wonderfully  sharp cinematography and an eerie, barely-there original score help this be a hidden treasure to behold on the humble liquid crystal screen of YouTube.

Amazingly, other production companies would give this another 25 minutes to produce a 45 min TV movie… but Joe’s 20 minute time limit is perfect, making the protagonist’s fall from grace that much more searing.


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