The Editor’s In A Music Video!

Shameless plug. Odd note from the editor:

(c) Gary Walker/Leanne Gater. Used with permission. All Rights Reserved.

There’s a website in the world which lets professional production companies with good values pursue bigger opportunities to make it big… and I got to be in their music videos!

I was asked to be involved in a co-pro with Bellatrix Photograph and Film, based in Cheshire, and Chester film director Gary Walker, who made a stalker-concept film (yeah!) to fit the new single from The Temper Trap, ‘Miracles’. Support us now! Share, like on Facebook and tweet away! Click the link below! Watch it and vote for us!

The Temper Trap: ‘Miracle’. And if you’ve ever wanted to know and what I look like in real life, then yeah. This is um, what I always do: look sexy in the woods being filmed by the best of Cheshire’s independent filmmakers from behind bushes. Cool.

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