Artists Wanted for New London Festival

Hurriedly chasing the heels of a New Yorkean festival stalwart, London’s inaugrual Summer Jam is to kick off this year in Brixton – and is looking for as many people as possible to take part.

London Summer Jam is a new type of collaborative festival where bands and fans are invited to take part in sing-alongs, workshops, competitions, exhibitions and of course – jams! The idea is that the LSJ becomes one giant collection of musicians (over 18!) working together as like-minds. And of course, in the spirit of the Jam – it’s simply to encourage to people to come and have a go. The pressure’s off to be the most skilled musician on the bill – a case of JOIN US!

And if you don’t have your own instrument – you can find one for free at the festival’s instrument giveaway. WHo knows – you might go empty handed, and come away proficient in singing, dancing, tambourine and be part of a band. (such is the mystery of the jam).

If you’re not a musician but more of the artistic persuasion – you’re in luck too. The #LSJ Art Project is currently calling out for submissions for their post-Olympic  public show. The deadline for submissions is 29 June, 2012.

The theme is ‘Coming Together’, and any type of visual art is encouraged.

Ideal for local and national artists, ‘#LSJ Art Project’ invites entries that appeal to a musical audience, represent the local area and support a theme of “coming together”.

Entrants can submit any type of visual art, using any medium – including video. Categories are: ‘Most Popular Local Artist Entry’,‘Most Popular Under 18 Entry’, ‘Overall Most Popular Entry’, as well as the two specially-selected #LSJ panel picks.

The five overall winners will have their work displayed around the main stages at the festival as well as in their high profile exhitibion spaces for the post-Olympic show. Entries will be judged by #LSJ fans via Facebook as well as a panel of London-based community artists, including Canvas and Cream, Kaff Bar, Open Doors London and Rachel Glittenberg.

Quincy Prescott, founder of #LSJ, said: “Every festival needs dressing and Brockwell Park has some large spaces to fill. In line with #LSJ’s style as a collaborative jam festival, we decided to involve the community in producing artworks that represent the event and its ethos. Just as musicians are coming together to jam, artists will come together in producing inspirational works for our site.”

London Summer Jam is happening at Brockwell Park in Brixton on the 29th September 2012. Tickets are £18.

Notes for artists:

“Before the closing date of 29 June, photographs of artworks must be submitted via Facebook. The entrant should add supporting information – such as media used in the piece, description of the work and the inspiration behind it. The results will be decided by public vote shortly after June 29. Entries by email will not be accepted. Following the festival, works can be collected by the artist or can be donated to Lambeth Council to remain in Brockwell Park, subject to direct negotiation between artist and council. All entrants are expected to be available for press interview, if requested. The full details are at

All entries must uphold standards of public decency and be safe for public display. If artworks exceed a size that can be safely transported in a van and erected using a ladder, the entrant must submit their own local planning applications to Lambeth Council.”

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