I Like What You’re Wearing!

Begone, saturated market! In a world where everyone’s a fashion blogger – even if, let’s be honest, half the time the blogs aren’t necessarily filled to the brim with quality so much as an indulgent wishlist which plagiarises Stylebubble or Company Magazine; finding a site which manages to be both on the fringe and independent is quite the challenge.

I Like What You’re Wearing (ILWYW.com – because acronyms are much more awesome, natch) is the latest fashion magazine to spring forth from NYC. Only…it’s not like any ol’ fashion mag. It’s where you go to find the unknown – and to find something completely original and new. It’s not trying to be anything or anyone else other than indepedent, bold and, well, it kinda wants you to be a member of their club. Which is nice, given that most of the time, it can feel like couture is completely inacessible. ILWYW is also a social mag – in that you have to join up before joining in with a community where all the collections are curated with the same care and dedication as what you might find with a preview issue of Vogue – only, the designers featured are fresh, extremely  and not necessarily already part of the glitterati (yet!).

ILWYW is the brainchild of fashion writer and photographer Olivia Gossett: “It is imperative that these designers get the recognition and compensation they deserve.

“So I decided I could fill a gap in the market by providing access to designers through an online magazine where one could simply click and purchase any one of the pieces they see in an editorial.”

It’s perfect for the eclectic shopper, who buys key items each season from quite literally here, there and everywhere. It’s also a rallycry against the all-you-can-eat uncreative shop which favours just one outlet. ILWYW is an online magazine that includes shoppable editorials. Kind of like a professional tumblr (actually, theirs is right here) where no-one’s trying to hoard their coolness to save face and earn online kudos  – rather, you’re more than invited to see where the clothes in the gorgeous photographs came from, and where to buy them.

“We are bringing about a digital revolution in both fashion and publishing while starting a movement to exhibit that there is more to being fashionable than sporting labels. We’re not just exposing rising designers; we’re offering consumers the chance to be among the first to discover them.”

It’s kind of – the first of its kind. Following in the footsteps of Etsy – championing the direct-from-designer market but jazzing it up with beautiful write-ups and world-class photography, ILYWY really feels like a bit of a fashion revolution is about to happen. Knowing the designer, custom-makes, one-off pieces, sustainable fashion and everything anti-massmarket is favoured – a boon to any young fashion writer, photographer of of course designer – trying to make it within this very, very competitive inudstry.

“We are not only looking to personalize the shopping experience and provide our clients with the assurance that they have found a piece that is unique to their wardrobe. We have also brought back the lost art of custom design, made to order and limited edition pieces.”

It’s also an incredibly smart way to sell clothes via affiliate links and personlised, online tailoring. New publishing + a new e-commerce model = is Olivia Gossett and her entrepreneurial team the future of fashion?

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