Overheard – Things A Tory Will Never Know

5 thoughts on “Overheard – Things A Tory Will Never Know”

  1. Agreed with it all, before you slagged off Coupland. Surely his treatment of modern epistemological crises amongs the twenty-somethings underscores the very point you’ve made here?

    But otherwise, very, very good article – you missed out #11 though – how to look cool. For evidence, I offer exhibit A – Oliver Letwin

    1. Cheers MT. And…nah. That’s how I feel about Coupland! He captures the zeitgeists, coins awesome phrases and then, for some inexplicable reason, makes everything unbearable to read. It makes me feel really sorry for him – even though his books make me feel really sorry for myself. He’s an author that puts you at a distance and is very haughty – it’s his own sense of thinking he’s Orwell incarnate, when he’s way, way inferior and he ends up writing a parody of what would be great social satire.

      But his artwork’s not so shabby.

      That’s my two cents based on three books though – maybe JPod and Generation A will be good reads, they’re on the list; but Generation X was predictable and exhausting; Girlfriend In A Coma was so depressing I couldn’t even finish it; Microserfs was full of wind – if you’re going to borrow laungauge from communism, at least use it smartly!! Prefer Bret Easton Ellis. Much sharper, urgent, astute; less BS. “My work is really about a culture that pisses me off, and a world that we live in that values all the wrong things.” – When has Douglas Coupland ever said anything as clear as that?!?!

      Phew. Anyway.

      Haha! Phwoar-RAH. Thanks for #11 🙂

      1. 12. The unfortunate condition of being underqualified to do something you want to do and overqualified to even do something you really would only consider as a last resort. Lost, then comes the mind-numbing, soul-crushing feeling of impotency experienced when unemployed and living in a society which, as a consequence of centuries of unhealthy puritanical work-ethics, views you as scum despite the fact that you’re putting your degree or two on the back-burner as you desperately apply for cleaning roles.

        13. Hunger beyond the “I’m really rather peckish, aren’t you?” The dread of finding not even base ingredients in your cupboards with six days to go before your next payment.

        14. The joy in solidarity that comes with reading something by somebody who feels so similar to you that it feels like their writing was a personal letter; signed, sealed and delivered with gusto, aplomb and dignity. Daily Mail hate-rants don’t count.

      2. Ach, number 12 is all-too-familiar.

        Thank you for these – served with equal gusto, aplomb dignity 🙂 More than welcome. Very chuffed to’ve inspired such!

  2. Love it Jane, and equally heartstruck by #12 too. But could I just suggest ‘Tory’ be replaced with ‘Rich Tory’? Or are you talking about the MP’s or cabinet members in particular? Cos there are baffling numbers of skint and working class people who still vote for the buggers.

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