His Master’s Voice: About To Choke?

One thought on “His Master’s Voice: About To Choke?”

  1. And also…If you charge ridiculously high amounts for DVDs, you won’t sell them. My gripe with HMV (particularly in the anime industry), is their tendency to price up to £5 above RRP, or even, in some cases simply sticking to the RRP.

    It’s all well and good thinking your customers should pay a “fair price”, but most people aren’t going to risk £40 on an 11-episode box set out of curiosity. Especially when you can go home and buy the same set for just under £30 on amazon. If you are going to compete with online, I think you should be appealing to peoples whims, curiosity, and impatience, and they all have their prices. In most cases, I will only buy the offer DVDs from HMV.

    So until HMV learns that, whilst cutting (around) £5 off the price on one sale may reduce it’s profit per sale…It will probably find itself making a lot more.

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