Stephen Bailey: Comedy Loveliness

Stephen Bailey is a stand-up comedian, and a talent to watch in 2011.

Northern, gay, ginger and sharp as a lemon, he’s been on the circuit for just over a year, blessing London and Manchester audiences with  his own brand of camp and surreal comedy.

He hosted his very own charity night at The Miller, just off London Bridge, which was a huge success and featured the likes of Kate Smurthwaite and Ruby Basara – and little old me (I’m nobody)! Stephen has been working on some new material of late, filling big slots at The Comedy Store, Squirrels and The Lass o’Gowrie in between times back in his hometown of Manchester. He will be taking his new show to the Fringe at Edinburgh festival fairly soon. You can’t say he doesn’t work hard, he clearly does. It was a pleasure to interview him.

Here is a film of the up-and-comer in raw, up-and-coming action at The Woodman:


How lucky and privileged am I? In an exclusive, I asked Mr Stephen Bailey – future comedy genius – a few questions. Let’s do this!


1) What inspired you to first get into comedy?

SB: “I got into comedy to basically avoid having to get a full time job! I studied French and so my only other option was to become a teacher and I thought, why bother? I also owe a lot of it to my parents because those two are ridiculous!

“Mum still holds on to the fact that she was Butlin’s holiday princess back in 1900 and seems to be oblivious to the fact that she now looks like ronald mcdonald… My dad well he walks around thinking he’s chuck norris and since receiving me probably regrets claiming my mum! I also feel there are too many generic people who have no business being on TV! So I need to prove a point.”

2) What do you hate and what do you love about comedy?

SB: “I love comedy because I get to say what I want! I think it is important to laugh at ourselves and laugh at each other! I think it’s a sorry world if we can’t do that! It’s important to laugh everyday and stop getting so offended over EVERYTHING.

“I’m ginger, gay and often mistaken for a woman and it’s hysterical. I also love that you can not make every audience laugh. Anyone who says they can is fibbing. That’s the beauty – everyone laughs at different things.

“The bit I hate is the comedy politics-like every job there’s the schoolground bullying and the jobsworth and u ignore and do what you love otherwise you’ll go insane.

“I’ve made amazing friends who are comics, including Laura Carr and Chris Dangerfield and we couldn’t be more different, but that is the beauty.”

3) Give us a joke!

“I’m more stories than jokes but I will tell you there was a sexual incident with a Mick Hucknall impersonator. So come see a show.

Follow me [TWITTER] @stephencomedy – shameless plug.”

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