50 Reasons To Love Julian Casablancas

34 thoughts on “50 Reasons To Love Julian Casablancas”

  1. Reason 0.1 – He turns up at Glastonbury Festival…announces it isn’t a secret Strokes gig, so “If you’d rather go see someone else than little old me, you’ve got a choice, you should use it – we’re not doing the whole Strokes thing tonight”…he waits for 2 minutes as the crowd shuffles around a bit, whilst a few hundred ‘Strokes only’ “fans” dissipate & the band tune-up; then he launches into a 4 song best of the Strokes set…genius.

    1. Haha, how could people even consider walking away? I PITY THEM.

      Very cool. Consider your comment = the article amended.

  2. Actually, some of the points there aren’t cool at all. I was expecting something more fun or more honest opinion but nah…. this is pretty boring. (I’m the Strokes fan btw)

    1. Alas, Oui. Cool is is in the eye of the beholder. No worries.
      Remember: opinion ain’t the same as fact! Wanted to retain some journalistic integrity, otherwise it would be overkill. (I’m a Strokes fan too.)

    1. SHIT! You’re right. On it – that was in my other collection of hotness. Here he is, sorry about that.

      1. there’s also a picture of Julian and Meg White smoking and chatting somewhere on the internet too. it’s on my comp, but wordpress is a douche and doesn’t allow pics in comments.

  3. in number 6 it’s not Julian it’s Adam Green and he has quit smoking.. i don’t agree with all of those reasons either i just think he is a nice radical dude if you see him you just get that in the first place.. and if you hear his songs you can understand he’s an awesome musician..

    1. On it like a car bonnet. And it’s true, However, sometimes, a real paen has to be written about those you just understand anyway. (p.s. love yr greek goddess username.)

  4. I liked this post on over on tumblr, Jane mcconnell you are literally the most gorgeous blogger ever. When is the Guardian going to get you a column?

    1. Does it make me hot to have a comment from Hottness?

      Awwrrr cheers :’)

      Yeah. How I wish the Guardian would pluck me from my relative obscurity.

  5. This is a fun blog! And girl you can get the photo wrong but still write the best about him.

    1. Hey thankyou! Thanks for reading.

      For a moment there I thought your avatarname said KGB; helpfully, I was wrong!

  6. Can you believe but you can buy picture print of reason 5 because it’s a profesional picture from the gallery. 😀 Today Tumblr is crazy with this list

  7. Julian is so cool, I mean he’s flawless, he’s great. He’s the voice of an angel in ‘instant crush’…..,(not fangirling here) this blog is so cool, and awesome too. Nice, Jane! I like it.

  8. I love him! Thank you for It… He deserves the world :3
    He looks like a loyal and wonderful man

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