Zine Culture: Retrospective of Polka Zine, UK

Not too long ago, I posted an article written for a zine called ‘Polka’, which launched in 2006. A first foray into Zine publishing at the tender age of 16 along with writer Josie O, we handmade and edited one issue and then kinda… wilted. But we were growing up, and that was cool. It was sweet to make this happen all the same.

Zine Culture: Retrospective of Polka Zine, UK

And naturally we were ahead of the trend! Polka was a collab, we looked at DIY fashion & crafting, illustration, interviews with local solo artist James Dean Buchanan, New York band Booty Olympics, designer Heidi Seeker and wrote featurettes. We also were also chocca with fashion photography courtesy of Josie’s awesome skills, and we came up with a Mean Streets: Manchester feature, way before Grazia started randomly taking pictures of fashionable people in the street!

…So as much of an advocate of eBook and ePubs that I am, zines do rock. And here’s to memory! Feel free to download. Cause it’s a free download 🙂

Click the image  below to get the PDF. (9.6MB and so it is for for the dedicated and the patient.)

Big love to Josie O for her creativity and effortless inspiration. All the actually nice-looking pages are hers!

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