Wanna Supersize Your Coffee? Hmm…

STARBUCKS HAVE OFFICIALLY introduced their Big Mac. World? Meet: Trenta.

MIAMI – JANUARY 18: In this photo illustration, the new Starbucks 31 ounce Trenta size ice coffee is seen on January 18 in Miami, Florida. (Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

What is a Trenta?

TRENTA, which translates as ‘thirty’ in Italian, stands stoutly at 916ml. Close to a litre, yes, but more crucially, this hefty beverage is 16ml larger than the maximum capacity an average stomach can hold – at rest.

The National Post helpfully incorporated this diagram into its news report to illustrate how big a Trenta actually is.

(c) The National Post

The Tall size is close to the size of most mass produced mugs that can be found in many households across the world –11 oz, or 325ml – that’s a full fat coke poured out with a little slurp left in the can. But with Starbucks, you get to keep that slurp and then some. [Insert corporate wink and smile here.]

Is 31 ounces really that much?

But the new 31-ounce cup – just an ounce off McDonald’s infamous US Large size – is nearly three times as much as a tall=sized Starbucks, in one go. It’s more than the volume that can be contained in your human stomach.

It launched in the USA yesterday to massive-coffee fantasists, which is apparently good news for the states of: Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Hawaii, Nevada and Arizona where thirst must  frequently get the better of one’s desires.

It is not possible to order a hot drink in this size at the moment, as Starbucks understand that the container would be too large for it to be kept hot. At the moment, it is only the iced drinks you can find in this size: coffees, teas and lemonade.

Supersize Starbucks

This expansion comes after the Seattle-based café chain guinea-pigged the size in Phoenix (approximately 280 stores there sampled it), as well as Tampa, and Atlanta.

…*Consumption of such a drink has officially made the Bucket List. Especially if they roll in a huge Caramel Frappuccino. NOM

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