1. POSTSCRIPT: Gervais has since given his own statement about the event. His blog:

    “Thanks to the twitterverse, the blogosphere, all the journos and the coolest stars for coming to my rescue.

    It was heartwarming to realise I wasn’t losing my mind. Some reactions nearly had me believing I’d gone too far too. Nearly.

    Can’t wait for the people who thought it was over the top to see my stand-up shows. Fuck me, they will shit themselves.

    Oh, and fans, take this opportunity to tell the world about Karl Pilkington. Tweet about that fucking head now!

    All new Ricky Gervais Show this Friday on HBO and An Idiot Abroad on Science Channel 22nd Jan.

    A genuine thanks by the way for all your support.


    http://www.rickygervais.com/thissideofthetruth.php/ [his blog]

    His press statement:

    “I enjoyed the Globes more this year. I think I had better gags. More along the lines of the Mel Gibson one last year. Obviously the rumour that the organizers stopped me going out on stage for an hour is rubbish. I did every link I was scheduled to do. The reason why the gaps were uneven is because when I got the rundown I was allowed to choose who I presented to. I obviously chose the spots that I had the best gags for. They couldn’t move around the order but I could move around however I wanted. All the same conspiracy theories as last year too… ‘So and so was offended‘… ‘hasn’t been invited back yet’… exactly the same as last time. ‘Paul McCartney was furious‘… no he wasn’t. And nor was Tim Allen and Tom Hanks. I was drinking with them after.”

    http://rickygervais.tumblr.com/ [fansite]

    (Hello, apologies for not clarifying this before, copied&pasted his words in a mad rush, xx J)

  2. Love it!! The only bit they cut was when he said “For christ’s sake” after the Bonanza gag! My favourite bit last year was when he did the joke about plastic surgery… then they quickly stopped doing close-ups! OK, second favourite, the Mel Gibson gag was good.

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