Editor: Keeping My Weird Tweets for Posterity

what students do instead of revise if they were cats

@janemcconnell likes Twitter. If you learnsomething from any of these updates, the self-centrism of having a Twitter profile is (only just) justified….possibly. I just wanted to saved them anyway, please allow me to indulge A BIT.

Channel 4: Where Zac Goldsmith realises he’s a t**t.6:14 PM Jul 27th via web

s’pose it’s all down to a combination of boob power and cheesy charm.8 minutes ago from web

instant coffee is made delectable with butterscotch sugar. #fact 4:44 PM Aug 15th from web

there was a big bucket of emulsion paint dropped in the subway beneath Mancunian Way (the one nr. Whitworth St West)…conceptual graffiti?3:27 PM Aug 14th from web

Editor: Keeping My Weird Tweets for Posterity

FACTOID OF THE DAY: “Red or white wine (6 ounces is enough) contain polyphenols, an antibacterial agent.”1:18 PM Jul 21st from web

finally read Robert Peston’s ‘The New Capitalism’ document. Makes for sobering reading. His writing style reminds a bit of Orwell too4:07 PM Jul 13thfrom web

prefers biking in MCR. In Cheshire, the 4x4s tail you when there’s plenty of room and there seems to be an endless stream of sadistic Audis.7:31 PM Jun 30th from web

speed up or slow down? One foot on the ground or head first?7:09 PM Jun 19thfrom web

tweet tweet

#filmfoodeating Quorn of the Dead, The Lasagne Strikes Back, A Cake Binge Too Far….haha this Twitter game is ace 8:16 PM May 20th from web

#eurovision Our flat has constructed an EU ‘hitlist’ and visit-list based on this year’s votes. We are not happy with Scandanavia. 12:49 AM May 17th from web

is there such a thing as the pause-free conversation?12:34 AM May 15th from web

Had an interesting evening last night, lain across two horny twenty-year-old medics and a nurse in the back seat of a Corsa.9:51 AM May 6th fromTwitterBerry

apparently has a “cakegasm” face.12:13 PM Apr 28th from web

discovered that everything good has pesto in it: Pesto, pasta from Cafe Nero, Robert Peston…Pestovo in Russia is probably a nice place too10:48 AM Apr 16th from web

Iago’s such a bastard.1:12 PM Apr 11th from web

is being used as a Wikipedia monkey by the medics sat on the sofa behind her.11:07 PM Apr 5th from web

Is really irritated by the bloke who thinks I’m giving him ‘the eye’. I’m not, I just think you’re irritating.4:36 PM Apr 3rd from TwitterBerry

mother and BlackBerry are fine, and healthy 8120.6:47 PM Mar 21st from web

is perving on Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton this evening.10:35 PM Mar 17th from web

has a post-peircing buzz and is reading Chuck Norris Facts so now I feel like I can accomplish anything. 3:21 PM Mar 9th from web

and Reece are getting some impulsive piercings. IN OUR EARS YOU SICKO, EARS! 1:00 PM Mar 9th from web

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