A Review of Sheff Doc Fest – from GIRL ABOUT TOWN #40

MANCHESTER, I LOVE YOU BUT… Sheffield rocked my world this month. First up was the Sheffield Doc Fest with the manc indie film cool kids, Future Artists. From the 3-7th November, filmmakers showcased new work alongside workshops, seminars and debates. My personal highlight was The War for Diverse Talent with Annmarie Dixon-Barrow, who spoke of how important it is to recreate the industry as one where everyone is accepted if they have the potential and skill to make it. Another great and thought-provoking seminar was via the utter genius that is Douglas Atkin, founder of meetup.com and eminent researcher who answered the question ‘how do you make social glue? To cut a very long and interesting lecture short: create a cult. Easy huh…?

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(c) Kalimocho.

A Review of Sheff Doc Fest – from GIRL ABOUT TOWN #40

The following week, I went up to Sheffield again with a rather handsome gentleman to see Madame Flame-Hair and the hot band, otherwise known as Paramore. To cut a great and fantastic gig review short: Paramore rock, and the Metro Arena wasn’t enough to contain them.

Yet as wonderful and vibrant as Sheffield is (the minute you leave the train station to enter the city, there is a beautiful ‘Cutting Edge’ sculpture and waterfall to welcome your stay), Manchester always something new going on. Enter the Christmas markets! With about 17 stalls offering mulled wine in mugs this year (although, I did count after drinking mulled wine and keeping the mug) and the finest cheese, hippy jewellery, fruit bowls and sock puppets from Europe, collecting non-high street presents should be a doddle.

  • Sheffield Doc Fest 2011, 8-12 June.
  • Manchester Markets, Albert Square. Mulled wine £3.50 (plus £2 for the mug)

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