The Secret of Successful Crowdfunding for Film?

11 thoughts on “The Secret of Successful Crowdfunding for Film?”

  1. This article is such a load of complete bollocks from start to finish. Why dont you attempt to gain some experience within feature film production, financing, information technology and crowd funding methodology before writing any more words? I mean really, how much experience can an 8 year old expect to have? If you’re not feeling embarassed right now, then you are clearly a bigger idiot than I thought.

    1. I honestly can’t see any point in your comment except to vent some unnecessary inner frustration anonymously into an online community for the sake of controversy. Your criticism isn’t even constructive in any way. I am a fairly new reader of this blog, but I have found the content stimulating and interesting. The point of this particular blog is not to claim any sort of inside knowledge on “crowd funding” or any other industry that you have mentioned, it is merely sharing an idea (relatively alien to the blogs UK audience) that was brought up (from what I can gather) in a panel at an arts festival in Sheffield…

      I don’t really understand why you have decided to claim the author is an 8 year old, or why she should even be embarrassed by this work. It does everything it needs to, which is raise awareness without overloading the reader with a plethora of unnecessary information.

      So to put it simply: I don’t see any relevence in your comment. If you want to be critical at least be constructive, otherwise your views become completely irrelevant. Maybe you should gain some experience in literary or media critiquing before you write any more words. I mean really, how much experience can an 8 year old expect to have? If you’re not feeling embarrassed right now, then you are clearly a bigger idiot than I thought.

      Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

    2. “embarrassed” not “embarassed”. You spell like an 8 year old.

      TEAM JANE!!

    3. Charlie you know Jane flagged up your comment on her Facebook profile for a laugh.

      You are the laugh.

    4. I think you have a couple of bitter exes who read and now decide to write your blog. Yuck!

      Love you loads janey x

    5. awesome article Jane!

      think charlie bucket needs to deal with the internet and technology revolution.

      you not got his email address? I’d love to drop him a line!

  2. Hi Charlie Bucket,

    Thanks for taking the time to read and then slate my article, you have every right to do that.

    Your personal aside on my age/maturity (although I am always flattered to be thought of as younger than I am, as it is a credit to my face), do bear in mind that I’m not writing from my experience. The article was inspired by a panel discussion from a Documentary Festival.

    And of course I am embarrassed! OBVIOUSLY anyone would be embarrassed if they were being attacked on their blog through their comments page: especially as I moderate my comments and was happy to publish yours, because it wasn’t spam.

    Indeed, like many other ‘8 year olds’ who are in fact 21 and over, yes, I am finding it difficult to get feature film experience whilst working at two jobs, paying taxes like your good self and interning to get into the industry.

    But I guess that is the risk taken with online writing. You are not the first virtual person to have labelled me ‘complete bollocks’.

    Hope to hear a response from you through this forum.


  3. I don’t think you should be upset at all. The internet is a large source of douchebaggery, as a wise man once told me. The combination of anonymity and audience leads to a whole world of unnecessary nonsense. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. Clearly Charlie Bucket, (who has managed to insult everyone’s intelligence and a lovely and beloved literary character in one go, so congrats for that!) has failed to grasp the point of both the article and the blog in general. I would also like to point out if one Miss Jane McConnell (who i regard as a highly interesting and intelligent individual judging from this blog) is indeed as you claim, an 8 year old, maybe she SHOULD look into a career in the media! Because judging from this material she has managed to produce now, she would be doing a much better job than anyone at any newspaper or TV network is doing today.
    I believe you could class yourself within that above category of being an absolute failure and utter berk.

  5. Many words flying around here! Good article and useful link to The Guardian’s page. very good.

  6. Wow. Charlie Bucket’s comment didn’t age well RE: Patreon, Kickstarter – and the rest 🙂

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