Fredrik – the First Comedy Song Cover Star On YouTube?

HEY, YOU! FUNKY YOUNG THING! Were you brought up on cartoons as a kid? Are you an official member of Generation Y/ Net Generation or a Millennial (unofficially until someone actually defines it in the future, born between 1982 and 1995)?

Yes you are? Okay well you need to know there’s this dude – OY, mate, you’re forty, stop reading this with the zeal and frantic hope that such an act  is going to make you younger. That’s what Apple products are for.

Casual and of course ironic ageism aside (given that many forty year olds, statistically, know more about techie hip stuff than us) today’s FYI is that the YouTube covers star has made his name once again.

Fredrik Larsson – Sweden’s YouTube Millennial Sensation

Fredrik Larsson is the Swedish pop culture sensation who uses good quality video to accompany his Disney dulcet tones and make, basically, frickin’ awesome cover videos. First time round, he uses all his musicianship to display the six (kinda) degrees of separation to link, with the power of keyboard, guitar and voice, The Fresh Prince and The OC in ‘TV Theme Song Medley’.

His first video, below, has garnered over 2 million hits.

It’s a bit famous.

Fredrik – a YouTuber that covers songs for fun

This time, Fredrik’s hair is longer, and he’s grown bumfluff. He’s pumped another seven minutes full of theme tune tributes, this time with cartoons, including everything from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (that BBC2 in-the-morning classic for the nineties schoolkids) to Duck Tales (woo-ooo).

This video gained 48,000 views in just 2 days.

He says on his YouTube channel page: “Sorry that I don’t upload videos more often, but I’m working on an album (only original music), and I probably won’t make more videos until it’s been released. (This winter, hopefully.) Thanks anyway for your support!”

Bless him. He’s from Sweden too.

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