INFAMOUS RAPPER 50 CENT who was shot nine times, sustained all bullets and then survived is now being urged by ‘eblockwatch’, a community group in South Africa, to help a rhino who also took nine shots.


Phila the Black Rhino was shot by automatic weapons during two poaching attacks. She now lives on a private farm where the owner has taken away her tusks in order to prevent any further ambushing of the creature.

Nevertheless, poachers still targeted the area, and shot her 7 more times in an attempt to blast out the remainders of the tusks from her face, according to South Africa Sunday Times.

Wildlife experts WWF say that the spikes in poaching incidents relate to the South East Asian market. This is because a Rhino’s horn is believed to contain qualities that relieve headaches and high blood pressure, and can apparently also be put to use as an aphrodisiac. It has been used in traditional medicine for many years – although such beliefs about rhino horn are not medically sound, evidence-based, or proven in anyway.

Q. Why was 50 Cent Asked To Save A Rhino?

A. Because a rhino was also shot 9 times by a poacher, and he was asked to donate to save it.


South Africa Sunday Times reports that poaching incidents have increased by almost 100% this year. Conservation groups found that last year’s killings reached 122, whereas this year saw 227 rhinos killed.

Black rhinos are  native to West Africa, and are a critically endangered species.  According to conservation website bagheera, two horns from a single black rhino were bought for $50,000.

So far, eblockwatch, a crimewatch org, have been unable to reach fiddy 50 Cent.

Andre Snyman, founder of the group, says it “will use its tried and tested formula to solve problems by harnessing the collective powers of another South African to try and pursue 50 Cent to be the Godfather to our heroine Rhino Phila.

(c) Scientific American. Isn’t she cute.

The community group are perhaps as gutsy as Phila: their online campaign grows ever-popular, and social media is causing word to spread across the world fast.

Even Danny Wallace, (for some reason), the comedian and author of Yes Man, used his Twitter profile last night, encouraging his followers to ask the rap star to become a conservationist.

“I for one will not rest until @50cent adopts this rhino,” Danny Wallace tweeted late last night.

He then proceeded to tweet at 50 Cent himself: “@50cent I think you’d look terrific with a rhino.”

And he continued: “If you only do one thing today, make sure it’s to tell 50Cent you think he’d look terrific with a rhino.

Then proceeded a number of @ replies to people who had repeated and retweeted the effort.

Andre Synman said that they have even asked Nelson Mandela himself: “We as humble eblockwatch members and fellow South African’s ask if Mr Mandela could assist us make contact with 50 Cent.”

50 Cent writes profusely about his terrifying 9 shots experience

50 Cent talks profusely about his terrifying 9 shots experience in his lyrics, and this is a snippet from ‘F*ck You’:

“I’ve been shot 9 times my nigga that’s why I walk funny / Hit in the jaw once, why I talk funny / With a Ruger on my hip, I walk the street with no care / Think my grandma’s prayers the only reason I’m here”

and ‘U Heard Me’:

“Little homie saying “50 you tough” / Ya heard me? /
 9 shots just wasn’t enough / Ya heard me?”

The world is waiting to see if he will respond and donate to Phila the Rhino’s cause, or continue to be silent. In the meantime, it is hoped that a number of ordinary people could support her through donations.

However, if 50 Cent agrees to save the rhino, Snyman jokes that “Phila should be renamed ‘One Pound,’ as she’s clearly larger than 50 Cent.” 

(big thanks to Discovery Channel News)

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  1. Jack

    […]ace. Actually no. some sentences are too long, but the others are really great….hahahahaha!kk now hurry up, write big Manchester Media City columns for a big national newspaper. I’m counting on you to be my famous writer friend.


  2. Jane McConnell (Janey Liz)

    Cheers love! x

  3. astroham

    Adopting a sick Rhino, hellsyeah this would give 50 Cent credibility. Do it 50, do it for nature.

  4. fallout123456

    50 Cent is not bigger than a rhino, but he does have a lot more money than rhino. It would be better is if they got fiddy and his crew hunt down the poachers and make an example. 50’s got guns!

  5. davidflieswithmayonnaise

    A week on since you wrote this piece and 50 Cent still hasn’t stepped forward to adopt this rhino or given a statement about the rhino, or had someone else make a statement for him. I think he will be biding his time waiting for when he needs the rhino to save his public image. Fingers crossed he will take on Phila the rhino soon as people are still talking about the story, heard it on PeaceFM this week. Yeh do it for nature Fiddy!

  6. 23FunkyStreet


  7. Toni H

    Like anyone else on here, I’d love 50 to step up and buy this rhino’s safety. But does anyone else think that asking Nelson Mandela to help out is a bit cheeky? Bono was the better choice cause I think he’s a bit more gulliable.

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